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Review of Hawkit: All the information you require about Hawkit in 2023

 Would you be interested in making money with simply your phone's data? That's something you can do with an app. With Hawkit, an online marketplace and revenue stream, you can get money by completing easy online jobs. The instructions on how to make money with the Hawkit app are available in this article.

Overview of the hawkit app
Overview of the Hawkit App

How does Hawkit function and what is it?

Hawkit is a platform that allows users to generate money by completing some easy online tasks with their social media accounts. Before, it was an online e-commerce platform that allowed people to easily advertise their goods and services online so that users could easily purchase them until it was relaunched. Now, users using this application can reshare different advertisements, like posts, write comments on posts, and follow or subscribe to a page on your social media accounts to make money every day just like "Sproutgigs". Depending on the activity you complete each day, you can earn up to ₦5,000 by doing this daily task.

How to create a Hawkit account

Below are the steps on how to create a Hawkit account;

  1. Visit their website www.hawkit.ng or you can use their app and click on 'create account'
  2. Enter your full name and click on 'sign up'
  3. On the next page, enter your username, email, and password then click on 'Create account'
  4. You will be directed to your user dashboard where you have to enter the 'two-factor code' sent to your email and click on 'submit'
  5. On the next page, select your Gender, State, and LGA and click 'set location' to continue to the next page.
  6.  You will be asked to upload your profile photo or you can as well skip it to the next process.
  7. Input your date of birth and select your Religion then click on 'continue'
  8. Your account has now been created but you have to activate it to earn by clicking on 'become a member' in the second section of statement on the home page that is being tagged 'For earners'.
  9. Fund your account and register to the earner's membership side.
  10. You can now earn once you are done with all the above processes.
Note: The Hawkit app is available on the Play Store for easy download.

How to perform tasks and earn money in Hawkit.ng

In order to earn money from hawkit.ng, you have to perform a variety of engagement tasks. Such tasks may include;
  • Download and Review apps on the App Store: This is the highest paying task and it is only available for iPhone users. You're are expected to download apps provided to you through the task link and write a good review about the app.
  • Download and Register fully on the MKOBO App: In this task, you have to download the MKOBO app from Play Store and you will be paid 50 naira.
  • Join a telegram group or channel: Here, you just have to join a telegram group or channel through the task link and you will be paid 50 naira.
  • Join a WhatsApp group: By joining a WhatsApp group through the task link, you will be offered 50 naira.
  • Retweet on Twitter: You have to retweet a post through the task link on Twitter and get paid.
  • Share post on Facebook: Share a post to facebook, you will be paid for doing so.
  • Post comments: write or post a comment on a post, you will be paid.
  • View, like and comment on YouTube: By viewing video, like and commenting on the video, you will be paid.
  • Follow an account on Audiomack: when you follow an account on audio mack, you will be paid.
  • Google Play App download and review: By downloading an app from the Play Store and posting a review about it, you will be paid.
  • Like posts on social media: when you like a post on social media handles, you get paid.
  • Like and follow Facebook page: Here, you have to like and follow a Facebook page to be paid.
  • Follow people and pages: You will be asked to either follow people or page on instagram, Twitter and TikTok to get paid.
  • Selling products and services: You can also advertise your products for people or other users to buy.
Note: You will be asked for proof of your work [a screenshot] in each task before you will be paid.

How to withdraw money from your Hawkit account

To withdraw money from hawkit, your hawkit balance must be up to at least 100 naira for you to be able to withdraw. Here are a few steps to withdraw your money from your Hawkit account;
  • Move to the Home page of your dashboard, locate and click on 'withdraw'
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and enter your password then click 'withdraw'
  • Your money should arrive in your bank account within 24 hours after withdrawal.
Note: Before you issue your first withdrawal, go to the 'more' icon and click on 'update bank details' to submit your bank account details for easy withdrawal.