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Review of Vistalog platform - Is it Legit or Scam?

 As of now in Nigeria, Vistalog is the newest paying website on the internet. There appear to be many platforms these days, each releasing their own packages, services, and other offerings. Even after making all the promises, some fail to pay their members (particularly non-affiliate).

Vistalog.org Platform
Vistalog Platform

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the incredible features of Vistalog and explore if it is legit or scam. We will also reveal the ways you can earn money and withdraw your money from the website.

What is Vistalog?

According to their claims, Vistalog is a platform that generates revenue by rewarding registered users for their actions and tasks completed on the platform. On the platform, users can get paid for referring others and finishing tasks. It was officially launched on the 5th of January, 2024. The website bears a striking resemblance to Luxegold.com, a well-known paid website that experienced significant popularity in late 2023. 

How Does Vistalog work?

Vistalog operates in a very basic and simply manner which are:

Firstly 1 - Purchase a coupon code (for registration): Well, Vistalog coupon code are normally sold by members who are verified Vistalog affiliate also know as 'Vendors'. In other to purchase a coupon or registration code, you have to connect or get in-touch with the vendors.

Secondly 2 - Registration: After you must have purchased your coupon code from Vistalog vendor, you can go ahead to register into the platform using the coupon code you purchased in other to enjoy the platform's benefits.

Thirdly 3 - Earn money: Once you have successfully registered into the Vistalog platform, you can earn money by Affiliate program which is referring others to register as your downline on the platform or Non-affiliate program by performing/completing tasks and earning daily login bonuses or by doing both.

Fourthly 4 - Withdrawal: In other to be able to withdraw your earnings from Vistalog, your earnings must reach a certain amount which is set by Vistalog as eligible for withdrawal and you can only withdraw on their withdrawal days.

Vistalog Earning Structure

Vistalog Earning Structure


Registration Fee N5,000
Welcome Bonus
Daily Login N200
Vista Post N300
Advert Post N300
Referral Bonus N4,000
Indirect Referral Bonus N300
2nd Indirect Referral Bonus N100
Spillovers N100 - N500
Minimum Non-affiliate withdrawal N25,000
Minimum Affiliate withdrawal N10,000
Vistalog.org Earning Structure
Vistalog Earning Structure

How to Register or Sign up on Vistalog Platform

 The best method for a new user to register or sign up on Vistalog is through an affiliate (i.e. through a verified Vistalog affiliate who sent or shared the referral link with you). In other to register and become a Vistalog member, you need to purchase a coupon code from any of their vendors which is sold for N5,000. The coupon code purchase makes up for your registration fee. After purchasing the coupon code, you will be required to send your registration details like full name, phone number and username etc, to your referral for easy and fast registration. After the registration, your referral will add you to a Whatsapp group where you will be able to see your fellow Vistalog members and where you can get important information. You can also register self to the platform instead of sending your registration details to someone else. You can register just by:

  1. Purchasing a coupon code
  2. Open the link sent to you by the verified Vistalog affiliate
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Create account and start earning
Visit Vistalog official website in other to purchase a coupon code and register.

Features of Vistalog platform

Here are the special features that the platform offers to its members;
  • Spillovers - With this feature, users can profit from their team or upline if their are active and earn N100 to N500 that will randomly spill over to their affiliate balance at any time.
  • Vista Lucky Wheel Spin - By spinning a lucky wheel, users can use this feature to earn extra money and receive the prize they won.
  • VTU Feature - Users can quickly purchase internet data, airtime, and cable subscriptions by using their affiliate and activity earnings.
  • Vistalog Coupon Code Sales Commission - Members that are eligible or qualified to be vendors can earn extra money just by selling coupon codes.
  • Ranks and Incentives - On our dashboards, each of us will have levels and rewards for reaching goals. The reward and incentives will be announced shortly. We will be able to track our Ranks advancement.
  • News and Articles Upload - Here is the Vistalog blog, where users can post latest news, articles or educational materials for the general public to read. The articles allow users to tag their social networking handles.
  • Vista E-commerce - Similar to a Vista Mart, where people purchase and trade products, anyone can post their products for free to thousands of users in this section.
  • Transferring of Earnings - Users who have registered with Vistalog are able to instantaneously transfer their earnings to other Vistalog users.

Vistalog Programs

Vistalog has two major programs which are:
  • Affiliate Program - This is where you earn a referral bonus of N4,000 for referring each one person, N300 for indirect referral earning which is when someone you referred registers someone else, N100 for second referral earning which is when someone that one of your referrals referred registers another person.
  • Non-affiliate Program - This is where you earn by performing/completing tasks and earning daily login bonus.

How to withdraw your earnings from Vistalog Platform

In other to withdraw on Vistalog:
  • Login to your account and tap on 'withdraw' button.
  • Enter the amount you will like to withdraw.
  • Click the 'withdraw' button once you are done filling out the required information.
  • Your earnings will be sent to you within 24 hours of placing withdrawal.
Note: You can only withdraw referral or affiliate earnings on Mondays and Wednesdays by 5pm - 6pm which has a minimum withdrawal amount of N10,000. For Non-affiliate or non-referral earnings are only on the 25th of every month with a minimum withdrawal amount of N25,000 only.

Is Vistalog Legit or Scam?

Well, we can't deny the fact that Vistalog is a 'Ponzi Scheme' platform which can shutdown or close anytime soon just like others before, but you can earn money from the platform as it is still new and fresh.


Earn money on vistalog by putting in minimum amount of effort. By simply being active on the platform, you can earn twice a week with their one-time N5,000 registration payment. From this article, we have been able to explain what Vistalog is all about and how it works and also, we explored if it is Legit or not. We believe with all the detailed explanations above, you now understand what Vistalog is and how it works.