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How to Fake Location on an iPhone with or without a Computer

If you're using an iPhone, you can fake your location even if you have or don't have access to a computer. Users could encounter circumstances where they are required to provide a false location to register for apps or access exclusive gaming features. Certain social media apps limit their users to specific countries or areas. This article will provide you with the steps and methods you will have to consider for you to be able to easily change your current location on an iOS device.

iPhone location changer
iPhone location changer

How to Faking Your iOS Location Using a Computer

Here, we will discuss two applications that can be used to spoof your location on an iPhone using a computer

Application 1- Using UltFone iOS location changer

UltFone iOS location changer software
UltFone iOS location changer

This is the most effective and practical method for impersonating an iPhone location. This technique is really simple and secure. Additionally, you may test out most of the functionality before upgrading to the Professional Edition by using the free iPhone spoofing app.

Steps on how to change your iPhone location using the UltFone application

Below are step-by-step guides on how to change your iPhone location;
  • On your Mac or Windows computer, download and install UltFone iOS Location Changer. Select the "Change Location" option after launching this iPhone location changer.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and select 'Next'.
  • After you have clicked 'Next', The world map will appear on the screen. You can manually move your mouse to any desired place, or you can enter any location. You now understand how to fake your iPhone's location.

Application 2- Xcode

Xcode software

Xcode is another option to explore while researching how to fake location on an iPhone. Apple created this integrated development environment (IDE) to facilitate the development of software for its ecosystem, which consists of watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and iOS. It has several features, such as an interface builder, code editor, and debugging tools, in addition to the ability to switch locations. However, because of all of its features, Xcode can be confusing and difficult for new users. Additionally, it is limited to Apple Series devices.

Step-by-step guides on how to use this application to change your iOS location

  • Download and install it from the App Store on your MAC computer (not available for Windows)
  • Launch Xcode, then start a new project. Choose a template (such as a "Single View App") that works for you.
  • Add the Core Location framework to your application in the project settings. You can work with location data with this framework.
  • Use the Core Location routines in your code to change the device's location.
  • Create and execute your application on a real device or in a computer emulator.
  • Run location-dependent apps within your custom app to test the changed location. After that, you'll be able to figure out how to modify your iPhone's location.

How to Fake your iOS location without using a computer

For GPS location spoofing, a lot of apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone or use a computer. The only iPhone location spoofing app available to users using iOS 17.2 is the iAnyGo iOS app. Support for iOS 17.2 and higher is the main update for the iAnyGo iOS App. It's also simple to download and install this application into an iPhone.
iAnyGo iOS location changer app
iAnyGo iOS location changer

Steps on how to use this app to change an iPhone location

  • Download and install the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone
  • Open the installed iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone
  • Use the search bar or click on the map to navigate to your desired location.
Note: To modify your location on the iAnyGo iOS app, you have a variety of alternatives. The app offers many movement alternatives that you can choose based on your needs.

Here are the movement alternatives available on the app

  • The Single-spot Movement
All you have to do is enter the coordinates on the search bar or select the exact spot on the map. From the menu on the right, select the single-spot button. The movement speed is displayed on the bottom bar, which you can change to suit your preferences. The range of speed is 1 to 30 km/h. You may simulate human-like movement from one point to another with this functionality. 
  • The Multi-spot Movement
The ideal solution is multi-spot movement if there are multiple stops involved. Select the desired stops by clicking on the third option from the menu on the bottom right. The "Start Moving" button will cause simulated movement to begin. Users can retake any step or change the speed.

Another way you can fake your location on an iPhone without using a Computer

Another way or method you can use is the use of VPNs. An application or program known as a virtual private network, aka VPN, allows you to alter your virtual location to any other location. You can register at websites and applications that have location-based restrictions by using one of the many paid or free VPNs available. Because making use of these apps may result in various privacy issues, be sure to use the appropriate VPN service.

Here are steps on how to change your iOS location using a VPN

  • Download and install any VPN, free or premium.
  • Connect to the server of any location you want to be.
  • Start VPN, and your virtual location will be changed to the specified location you connected to their server.


There are numerous methods for changing the location of an iPhone. You can accomplish this with or without a computer and for free. The iAnyGo iOS location changer app is the best solution among the procedures mentioned above. You won't have to worry about how to change your iPhone's location, all you have to do is connect it and select a new location.