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Palmblow Platform Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

 This review is for people who want to read and share news online and also earn money by doing so. Although there are many websites offering opportunities to earn money online, 90% of revenue schemes in Nigeria are temporary. Is Palmblow among the 90% temporary revenue schemes in Nigeria?.

Palmblow Platform
Palmblow Platform

Well, In this article we will discuss the benefits of Palmblow platform, how it works and how to withdraw your earnings from the platform. Also, we will explore if the platform is Legit as it claims or Scam just like other temporary revenue schemes or platforms.

What is Palmblow platform?

Palmblow is a social networking platform that is monetized with advertisements and claims to empower unemployed people by giving them access to a platform where they can easily and passively earn free money online without having to invest any money. With the recently launched online site Palmblow, users may get paid for doing routine things including reading news, completing everyday tasks and inviting others to join the platform. It was founded by 12 prosperous business people with the intention of giving consumers access to a simple and lucrative online income-generating platform. The platform places a strong emphasis on using computers or mobile devices to make extra money from the time and data spent online.

How does Palmblow platform work?

Palmblow is available for free. To use their platform, there is nothing like registration cost at all. Your smartphone and an internet connection are all you need. If you are wondering 'how does Palmblow platform get the money to pay its users?', well for your information, they are being paid by AD networks for displaying ADs on their website just like other blogger. Also, they host advertisements and tasks (sponsored posts) for business individuals or companies who want their business to be seen on their platform. Palmblow provides a variety of ways for users to make money. Among other things, users can make money by:

  • Regularly checking into their accounts: Users can earn upto N100 by collecting bonus rewards for checking in or logging into their accounts daily.
  • Reading news: Palmblow users can also earn N20 by reading contents or articles published on the platform.
  • Commenting on postings: You can also earn N20 when you comment on the article or content through Palmblow website.
  • Finishing daily tasks: Users get to earn upto N600 for finishing a particular task on the platform.
  • Referral: Even though this one is not compulsory, just know that you can earn upto N300 per person you refer to the platform.
  • Sponsored postings: As a Palmblow active user, you can earn upto N250 when you share their sponsored posts on your Facebook account daily and also tagging your friends on the post.

Users can also choose to take part in competitions for referrals, which could earn them significant bonuses of N30,000.

Palmblow Platform Earning Structure

Palmblow Earning Structure


Registration Fee ————
Welcome Bonus
Daily Login N100
Reading News N20
Daily Task N600
Referral Bonus N300
Sponsored Post N250
Minimum Non-referral withdrawal N8,000
Minimum Referral withdrawal N10,000

How to Register on Palmblow Platform?

In other to sign up or register on Palmblow platform, you have to carefully follow these steps below;

Palmblow Platform Sign up page
Palmblow Sign up page

  1. Looking at the photo above, first fill in your details such as your Full name, username, email address and then the username of your referral (which is optional).
  2. Create your login password by typing it into the password field provided and then click on 'Register'.
  3. You will be redirected to the platform's login page which will show an alert that your account have been successfully created.
  4. You can now login into your Palmblow account and start earning.
Note: You can sign up through the link 'Palmblow platform' and you can as well use my username (Desco98) as your referral username.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Palmblow Platform

On the Palmblow Platform, there are major two different types of earnings you can withdraw;
  • Referral Earnings - This is an earning obtained by referring people to the platform through your referral link or username and It has a minimum withdrawal amount of N10,000.
  • Activity Earnings - This is an earning obtained by performing some task or activities on the platform such reading news and sharing sponsored posts. It has a minimum withdrawal amount of N8,000.
If you wish to withdraw your earnings, you can head over to the withdraw button, click on it and fill in the withdrawal details required from you.

Note: You can only withdraw your earnings on Palmblow Platform on the 27th of each month in a year.

Is Palmblow Platform Legit or Scam?

Currently now, as of when this article was written, the platform is paying. It can still crash or stop paying its users in the future and also be very careful on how you leave money on the platform.


From our review, Palmblow platform is a temporary passive income platform which can fade away any time soon. As of when this article was written, you can earn and get paid from the platform as it is still new.