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Metaflux Review - Is it Legit or Scam?

Metaflux is one of the online money-earning platforms available on the Internet as of February 2024.

Metaflux Platform overview
Metaflux Platform

In this article, we will dive into the features, and benefits of Metaflux and we will also explore how the platform works. We will also prove whether the platform is Legit or Scam.

What is Metaflux?

Metaflux platform is an innovative income scheme that offers paid-to-click tasks, post-reading, daily bonuses, and referrals into the platform. It was officially launched on the 3rd of February 2024, only a few days before the publication of this article.

How Does Metaflux Platform Work?

The system is entirely dependent on encouraging its users to ask others to register on the platform by offering a referral reward for each successful registration completed by any new member using your referral link. This is similar to other Ponzi Scheme platforms like Vistalog, Palmblow, DDC-k, and others.

Metaflux works in three specific ways which are:

  1. Purchase a Coupon code and Register - To begin with, you must purchase a coupon code (a.k.a registration code) from one of the approved Metaflux vendors to use the Metaflux platform. The coupon code is worth N5,000 only. After making a purchase, you need to go back to the website to finish your registration. Here, you will be required to provide your initial name, username, email address, password, and the coupon code you just purchased. Click "Register" to finish your registration and access your Metaflux dashboard.
  2. Start to earn on the platform - After you successfully register on the Metaflux platform, you can use the different earning options available on the website to earn money every day. These methods for earning money on the Metaflux platform include; 
  • Read-to-earn
  • Pay-to-click
  • Meta engage bonuses
  • Referral program where you can earn up to N4,200 per referral or someone you registered into the platform using your referral or invitation link
  • Indirect referral program where you can earn N300 when or anytime someone you referred into the platform refers or registers another person via their invitation link.
  1. Withdrawal of Earnings - Here, you can withdraw your earnings from the platform directly to your bank account only on the withdrawal days.
Note: You can withdraw your earnings only when you have earned up to the platform's withdrawal threshold.

Metaflux Platform Earning Structure

Metaflux Earning Structure


Registration Fee/Coupon Code Fee N5,000
Welcome Bonus
Referral Bonus N4,200
Indirect Referral Bonus N300
Read-to-click N200
Pay-to-click N200
Meta Engage Bonus N200
Affiliate Withdrawal N10,000
Non-affiliate Withdrawal N25,000

Metaflux Earning Structure
Metaflux Platform Earning Structure

How to Join/Sign-up on Metaflux Platform

Below are the steps to follow in other to join or Sign up for the Metaflux platform:

  • Search or visit Metaflux's official website
  • Fill in your details requested by the platform (i.e username, password, full name, etc)
  • Fill in the coupon code that you bought from verified Metaflux vendors
  • Then, click sign up and your account will be successfully created.
  • You can proceed to log in to your account or dashboard to start earning.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from Metaflux Platform

Metaflux is a platform where you can earn money and withdraw your earnings a the same. So that means that as long as you have earned up to their minimum withdrawal threshold which is N10,000 for affiliate earners and N25,000 for non-affiliate earners, you can withdraw.

Affiliate earners can only withdraw on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Non-affiliate earners can only withdraw on the 30th of any month.
Metaflux Earnings Withdrawal
Metaflux Platform Withdrawal

Is Metaflux Platform Legit or Scam?

Well, even though the platform is paying as of when this article is being written, the platform still makes use of the Ponzi scheme system and that means it can still stop paying anytime soon. With this, the platform proves to be a scam so be careful on how you invest your money into the platform.


Metaflux is a Ponzi scheme platform that claims to pay individuals for performing tasks on their platform. They only pay referral earners for now and since the platform is a Ponzi scheme, it can close anytime so please don't think of investing in the platform to avoid being scammed.