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Peritia.app Review - Is it Legit or Scam 2024

Peritia.app is an online money earning platform that enables its users to earn money through two ways: Sales package and Turn over package.

Peritia.app Platform Review
Peritia.app Review

In this article, we will discuss and outline some features associated with Peritia.app, how the platform works, how to sign up, earn and withdraw your earnings. We will also validate if it is legit for you to invest your money or if it is just a scam.

What is Peritia.app?

Peritia.app is an online money earning platform that allows users to earn money by performing daily tasks, sales packages and turn over packages etc. It was officially launched on the 25th of March, 2024. The platform also allows users to earn either as a referral or as a non-referral. Its goal is to make people financially stable by making available for them many ways to make money.
Peritia.app Platform is available in Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

How does Peritia.app work?

The platform works in two major packages:

  1. Sales Package: As a user in the sales package, you can earn by performing daily tasks and referring other people into the platform.

  1. Turn over Packages: Here, users has the opportunity to earn big by creating a team which will be based on referrals. It is also regarded as Multi Level Marketing (MLM).
Note: In other to be able to earn from this platform, you will need to sign up/join the platform in either of the above packages.

Peritia.app Earning Structure

Since Peritia.app operates in two packages, each of the packages has has its own earning structure;

Sales Package Earning Structure

Sales Package Earning Structure


Registration Fee/Coupon Code Fee

$5 (N5,000)

Welcome Bonus

$3 (N3,000)

Daily Earning

$1 (N1,000)

E-book Marketer Earning


E-book Promoter Earning


Direct Referral Earning

$4.1 (N4,100)

Indirect Referral Earning

$0.20 (N200)

2nd Indirect Referral Earning

$0.10 (N100)

Turnover Earning (for every 50 referrals)

$1 (N1,000)

Instagram Weekly Challenge

$4 (N4,000)

TikTok Daily Challenge

$10 (N10,000)

Referral Minimum Withdrawal

$8 (N8,000)

Non-referral Minimum Withdrawal

$35 (N35,000)

Turnover/ Multi Level Marketing Package Earning Structure

 Turnover Package Earning Structure


Registration Fee

$2 (N2,000)

One Complete Cycle

$20 (N20,000)

Minimum Withdrawal

$20 (N20,000)

Peritia.app Earning Structure In Nigeria
Peritia.app Earning Structure

Note: Peritia.app platform uses a conversion rate of 1$ = N1000

How to Register or Sign up on Peritia.app Platform

As a new user that wants to join Peritia.app platform, you have to pay a one-time payment of:

  • $5 (N5,000) - For Sales package.
  • $2 (N2,000) - For Turnover Peritia.appPackage.
This one-time payment for registration is also regarded as purchase of coupon code which you will buy from Peritia.app verified vendors. The one-time payment you will pay for registration will be used to purchase your coupon code that you will use to register or sign up on the platform. Here are steps you can follow to join the platform;
You also visit their official website for more information Peritia.app.
Note: No coupon code, No registration.

Features of Peritia.app Platform

The platform offers special features to its members such as:
  • Access To Cutting-edge Expertise/Skills.
  • Databank Utilization For PRT Earners and Sales Earners.
  • Rapid and Efficient Withdrawal Processing.
  • Global Reach Spanning Ten(10) Integrated African Countries.
  • User Standing and Incentives for Peritians.
  • Bazaar
  • PRT Earnings
  • Coursers For PRT Earners
  • Round-the-clock Customer Service Agent.
  • Availability of Contemporary Online Courses.
  • Goals and Rewards.
  • Game Mode.
  • Lucrative Commission For Coupon Codes.
  • Mystery Box For All Users.
  • Huge Sales, Indirect Sales, and Overturn Spillover.
  • Social Media Challenge (For TikTok and Instagram).
  • User Friendly Interface.

Peritia.app Platform Earning Programs

The platform has two major earning programs which are: Referral Earning Program and Non-referral earning program.
  • Referral Earning Program: This particular program is divided into three parts: Direct Referral (You will earn $4.1 for each person you refer), Indirect Referral (You will earn $0.20 if any of your downlines refers someone else), 2nd Indirect Referral (You will earn $0.10 when any of the downlines of your direct downline refers another person), and Turnover Bonus (For every 50 people you refer you will earn an extra 1$).
  • Non-referral Earning Program: You can earn by just performing the platform's daily tasks and you will still be paid.

How to Issue Withdrawal on Peritia.app Platform?

In other to withdraw from the platform,
  • Login to your account dashboard and tap on 'withdraw' button.
  • Fill in the required information (amount to withdraw, bank account etc).
  • Click on the 'withdraw' button again.
  • Your earnings will be sent to the bank account you provided within 24 hours.
Note: For Sales Package, you can only withdraw your referral earnings on Sundays and Wednesdays by 12 - 2pm once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold ($8) and Non-referrals can withdraw their earnings every month once their earnings reaches the minimum withdrawal threshold ($35).
For Turnover Package, You can withdraw your earnings any day once you reach minimum withdrawal threshold ($20).

Is Peritia.app Legit or Scam?

The platform claims to be paying its users during every withdrawal. As long as the platform follows the 'Ponzi Scheme' system of making money, it can still shutdown or close anytime. But you can invest as of when this blog post was written as it is still new and it is still paying.


Peritia.app is a platform where you can earn at your own convenience. From this article, we have been able to explain what Peritia.app is all about, how it works and if it is Legit or Scam etc. We believe with all the detailed explanations above, you now know whether to invest in this platform or not.