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Microsoft Adds Offline Capabilities On OneDrive

Microsoft have just upgraded OneDrive for web. In addition to the advancement of technology, Microsoft launched an offline mode on OneDrive with improvements in speed and some offline capabilities. It is now available globally for both their work users and their school users.

OneDrive Offline Mode Feature
Offline Capabilities On OneDrive

With the new offline mode feature on OneDrive, you can open and interact with OneDrive’s Home, My files, etc. You can also view your folders, file names, and metadata such as file owner, size, recent activity, use the “My files” view of OneDrive for web to rename, sort, move, or copy files, open locally stored office and non-office files (files marked as “available offline”) in their native app and make and save edits.

According to Microsoft, the offline mode of OneDrive comes with some offline capabilities which they stated as:

  • You can designate files or folders as available for offline access directly from OneDrive for web.
  • You can free up local storage space by making your local files or folders online only directly from OneDrive for web.
  • You will experience up to 3X faster loading times when viewing and interacting with your files in OneDrive in your browser and in the OneDrive app in Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
Additionally, OneDrive's offline mode is compatible with the current Files On-Demand capability. This gives you further control over how much storage space you have available by allowing you to use your web browser to choose which files are always accessible on your device or exclusively online. Finder on Macs and File Explorer on PCs were the only places you could previously accomplish this.

However, Microsoft stated that the offline mode is not yet available to all their customers since the offline mode is just starting to roll out.